About the Event:

Many shifting factors are top of mind for companies, as we bear witness to the pace of change accelerating globally. Now more than ever, we need to understand how to recognise, assess, and adapt to rapidly evolving consumer behaviors and expectations. These insights empower brands to build resilience, optimise marketing strategies, and strengthen consumer relationships as we move into a “new normal.”

Join us for this 2-part event as we take a deep dive with host Nathalie Nahai and special guest experts on how brands are adapting to meet the challenges of a new landscape in both the short and long term.

Topics for discussion include:

  • New fundamental shifts in consumer expectations of brands
  • Understanding the value of emotionally intelligent communication
  • Brand identity and the importance of brand values for customers and communications
  • Long-term predictions for consumer behaviours emerging from the current crisis

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Special Host
Nathalie Nahai - UPDATED - square.jpg
Nathalie Nahai
International speaker and author of the best-selling book, Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion

Featured Speakers
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Marisa Thomas
Head of Brand | Bloom & Wild