Did you know that 75% of international brands don’t have a consistent brand message or digital presence across all their markets? With the surge of digital transformation, global marketing teams are dealing with more regions, more channels, and more languages than ever before, and this has created the issue of consistency across markets and experiences. So, how can your brand scale its marketing efforts without sacrificing efficiency or consistency? How can you make sure your marketing efforts resonate with your audience, not just in your region, but around the world?

In this 45-minute webinar, hosted by Khoros and EIGHTYDOTS, we’ll be hearing from brand speakers including Danone’s Global Digital Marketing Lead (plus more to be announced!) to discuss:

  • What are the challenges that international brands face in their global marketing?
  • How can you scale your global marketing without sacrificing efficiency or consistency
  • Actionable insights on how to implement global marketing strategies on a local level

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Speakers Include

Steven Gradidge
Global Social & Digital Marketing Lead

Romina Hausberger
Global Communications Manager
De Beers Jewellers
Laurier Alder
Strategy Director
Khoros Strategic Services
Guntram_Kopp_Eightdots (Square).png
Guntram Kopp
Managing Director