Automated solutions and AI used to be a luxury for customer support — now, they’re a necessity. Join us, and our guest Google as we discuss how to create rich, memorable experiences that increase customer satisfaction.

In this 30 minute session we’ll discuss:

When a customer experience can be automated: Brands can’t just add more human agents to support growing channels and volume. It’s important to identify what types of conversations to automate to deliver the best customer experiences and most efficient interactions.

Best practices for chatbot flows: AI is most effective when deployed with, rather than in place of, your agents. Learn how to structure chatbots conversations that are clear, helpful, and seamlessly coordinated with your agent’s workflows.

Google’s Business Messages: Discover why this new messaging channel is ideal for rich customer support experiences and automation.

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Tuesday, 18 August, 11:00am AEST

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Rob Lawson
Global Partnerships, Google