In today's world, digital-first customer engagement is no longer an option for brands – it's a must.

In this 45-minute webinar hosted by Engage Business Media, we'll hear:

  • How customer needs and expectations are changing. As we adapt to our evolving environments, the customer they knew at the beginning of 2020 is likely not the same today.
  • What are the challenges and opportunities that brands face? When delivering world-class digital customer experiences, what can we learn from the "new normal" and how can this drive our current and future strategies through lockdown and beyond.
  • Why brands need to identify where their customers already are. Listen, engage, and join your customers on the digital channels of their choice. 

Not able to join us? Don't worry, we'll share a recording of this digital discussion with everyone who registers.

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Speakers Include

Darren Diprose, Head of Mobile, Digital Conversations & Chatbot
Centrica British Gas

Steve Hurst, Editorial Director
Engage Business Media

Tom Bailey, Vice President, Sales