Mature, advanced communities are much more than a support forum. They thrive because they engage people to share knowledge, experiences, and resources.

Building a strategic community that drives customer experience, product use, and operational efficiency is not easy, but it’s also not out of reach. It can have a broad, meaningful impact across your company.

So what are the key characteristics that define a strategic and mature online community? We’re sitting down with Rachel Happe from The Community Roundtable to discuss their State of Community Management Report for 2020 and what they found when comparing Khoros Communities to other advanced online communities.

During the webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • How strategic maturity comes from visibility and connection to multiple teams
  • Influence of operational investments and good governance
  • Connection between community engagement and value

Join Jacob Borgeson and Rachel Happe on September 17th at 11am CT to learn more.

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Speakers Include

Rachel Happe_Headshot.jpg
Rachel Happe
Principal & Co-Founder
The Community Roundtable
Jacob Borgeson_headshot.jpg
Jacob Borgeson
Principal Product Marketer, Communities